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What does a designer need most? Designer Tools for starters.

A website, a website banners, bumper stickers, merchandise with commission & referrals, merchandise without

the overhead and 30 day money back guarantees, free online color image matching swatches and website app.

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TOOLS ONLINE: Color Swatch Generator.


Creating a personalized website banner with matching bumper sticker is the great way to attract customers. Website banner stickers dives traffic to your website using bumper stickers with matching custom website banners for your website.

Website banner badges create a dofollow backlink to your site allowing for hire website ranking. Create your own custom stickers to pass out to customers and allow customers to link to your website, with terms, with a customizable website banner badge. Have your customer add your company website banner badge to their personal home page will links your websites together.

Custom website banner service is available upon request.

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If you want your own app but don't think you can handle creating it, contact me for help building it for you.

Here is a wonderful Interior Decorating tool. Create your own app. This company uses advertising to pay for your use.

*(Some but not all are affiliate links like an ad which may pay me a small fee only after a purchase. Follow the item to the purchase page. Artwork is owed by individual artist so please click on that image to follow them to their associated page. To have images removed, contact,

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